Since its inception in 1997 EnviroAfrica has been appointed to a great variety of projects. Founder Bernard de Witt and his competent staff have extensive experience in developing the environmental and conservation interface of a large range of development projects. EnviroAfrica is an equal opportunity employer that strives to give preference to suitably qualified previously disadvantaged individuals or firms employing such individuals. The company makes use of suitably capable sub-consultants as the need arises and it is standard company policy to give preference to individuals or firms with PDI status.
Meet the Team

After qualifying with a B. Sc. in Forestry and a B. A. (Hons) in  Public Administration at the University of Stellenbosch Bernard joined the Department of Forestry as an Indigenous Forest Planner in 1983, going on to become Manager of the Table Mountain Reserve with the Cape Town Council. He then joined Cape Nature Conservation (CNC) and headed its Conservation Planning Section before taking up the position of District Manager of the Boland area (inc. the Hottentots Holland and Kogelberg). As a Regional Ecologist, he co-ordinated managerial and scientific inputs into Provincial Nature Reserves in the Boland, Overberg and West Coast regions. For the last four years of his employment he assessed and evaluated development applications, from an environmental perspective, on behalf of CNC (now DEA&DP). Since he left DEA&DP 10 years ago he has been involved in environmental consulting in the private sector as a member of EnviroAfrica.

Bernard De Witt


EAPASA Reg. No. 2021/3903

Clinton Geyser has a BSc. Earth Sciences, Majors in Geology and Geography and Environmental Management and a MSc. Geography and Environmental Management from the University of Johannesburg (formerly RAU). Clinton is also a Green Star SA Accredited Professional. After completing his studies, Clinton worked for over five years in the tourism and conservation management field, having worked in the Waterberg and Lowveld areas as a field guide, and in the Okavango Delta of Botswana as a lodge manager.  He has over seven years’ experience in the environmental management field as an Environmental Assessment Practitioner and as an Environmental Control Officer, having worked on a variety of projects in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape, including:

  • Civil engineering infrastructure such as pipelines, Waste Water Treatment Works, and roads
  • Agricultural developments, including reservoirs and dams
  • Telecommunications masts
  • Housing, Industrial, Commercial and Resort Developments
  • Cemeteries
  • Waste Management Licences
Clinton Geyser

Environmental Assessment Practitioner

EAPASA Reg. No. 2021/3287

B.Sc (Conservation Ecology) from Stellenbosch 2018

M.Sc (Botany: Graduate Cum Laude) from Stellenbosch 2020

Ph.D (Botany) from Stellenbosch 2021 – current



  • Environmental Applications for Renewable Energy Plant Developments
  • Section 24G Application
  • Compilation of Environmental Management Programmes and Coastal Vegetation Rehabilitations plans
  • Environmental Compliance Officer and compiling of reports
  • Coastal effluent mitigation projects

Jan-Taljaard Marx

Environmental Assessment Practitioner

EAPASA Reg. No. 2021/3289

BCOM HRM degree through (MANCOSA)

With 30 years of HR experience in different sectors, my skills include working directly with people, Line Management Support, Managing financial aspects, Recruitment, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Secession Planning, and Quality Reviews.

Margaret Christians

HR Management

Holder of an MSc. in Botany and experienced environmentalist regarding EIA and waste management licence applications, liaising with other Environmental Assessment Practitioners, conducting environmental compliance inspections as an Environmental Management Inspector and writing up environmental inspection reports.

  • Degree: MSc. Botany (Plant Ecology)

Also completed the Environmental Science MSc.module (GGF 728) that covered:

  • Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Implementation of Environmental Management Systems;
  • Environmental auditing;
  • Environmental performance evaluation;
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment;
  • Environmental Risk Assessment;
  • Life Cycle Assessment; and
  • Social Impact Assessment.

 2004 University of the Free State, Bloemfontein

  • Degree: BSc Honours Botany

 Modules completed include: Plant Ecology, Water Ecology, Research Techniques, Plant Taxonomy, Literature Studies, Scientific Writing and Publication Skills and a Research Project in Water Ecology.

 1996 National University of Lesotho

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science

 Majoring in physical geography courses that included hydrology and meteorology, soil science and geomorphology as well as biology courses that include ecology, microbiology and plant physiology.

Maboee Nthejane