Draft Scoping Report

Appendix 1A- Newspaper advertisement

APPENDIX 1B- Notices and letter drops

APPENDIX 1C1- IAP List – and authorities list

Appendix 1C2- Proof of contacting commenting authorities

Appendix 1C3- Proof of contacting LORWUA

Appendix 1D1- Comment from Heritage Western Cape

Appendix 1D2- Comment from CapeNature

Appendix 1D3- Comment from Matzikamma Municipality

Appendix 1E- Comments-Responses Table

Appendix 2A- Locality Map

APPENDIX 2B -Engineering Designs Report

Appendix 2C- Engineering Designs Report (with layout plans)

Appendix 2D- Biodiversity Compliance Statement

Appendix 2E- Aquatic Biodiversity Assessment

APPENDIX 2F- Proof of having applied for a WULA

Appendix 2G- Impact Significance Rating Methodology

Appendix 2H- Scoring Matrix (M)

Appendix 2I- Site Sensitivity Verification Report

Appendix 2IA

Appendix 2IB

Appendix 2IC

Appendix 2J- Screening Tool Report

Appendix 2K-Confirmation of existing water use rights

Appendix 2L- Comment from LORWUA

Appendix 2M- Geotechnical report

Appendix 2N- Curriculum Vitae

Appendix O- EAPASA registration certificate

Appendix A (OF SSV Report)


Appendix B- Proof of paying application fee

Appendix B&I- Ownership and zoning


APPENDIX E- Screening tool report

Appendix F&J- Approval from Heritage Western Cape

APPENDIX G- Proof of lodging WULA

Appendix K- Project Schedule

Appendix L- Locality Map

Appendix M- Site Sensitivity Verification Report

Application Form