00 Cover Page

00 Revised Post-App BAR_Hans Moes Kraal_Nov 2019

00 Signed Declarations

App A_Locality Map

App B_New Site Plan_Hans Moes Kraal

App C_Site Photos_Hans Moes Kraal

App D_ Biodiversity Overlay Map

App D_Surrounding Land Use

App D_Vegetation Map

App D_Water resources map

App E1_HWC Comments

App E2_SAA Obstacle Approval

App E3_ CARA Demarcation Permit & Application

App F1.1.1_Proof NOI submitted DEADP 29-11-2018

App F1.1_ DEADP Ackn NOI_18-12-2018

App F1.2_DEADP Acknow receipt PreApp BAR 22-02-2019

App F1.3.1_Email Response to Jandri Vorster

App F1.3_IAP Comment_Jandri Vorster_25-02-2019

App F1.4.1_Email Response JJ Venter

App F1.4_IAP Comment_JJ Venter_ 25-02-2019

App F1.5.1_Email Correspondence re Land Use Application

App F1.5_George Municipality Comment 04-03-2019

App F1.6_BGCMA Comment Pre-App BAR 25-03-2019

App F1.7_DEADP Comment Pre-App BAR 25-03-2019

App F1.8_DEADP Acknow Revised Application_25-07-2019

App F1.9.1_Comment from BGCMA re WULA & watercourses

App F1.9.2_Proof neighbours were included in Public Particpation Process

App F1.9_ DEADP comments PostApp BAR_26-08-2019

App F1.10.1_Correpondence George Mun electricity supply

App F1.10.2_Correspondence George Mun re mast designs

App F1_Updated Comments Response Report_Nov

App F2_Maildrops

App F3_Proof of Posters_Hans Moes

App F4_Proof of Handout Letter to I&AP

App F5_I&AP List

App F6_Proof of advert in the newspaper

App F7.1_Proof Pre-App BAR sent out for comment

App F7.2_Proof Post-App BAR sent out for comment

App F8_Notification and Acknow of 50day extension

App G1_Heritage Screener

App G2_Addendum_Visual Impact Assessment

App G2_Visual Impact Assessment

App G3.2.1_VIA Specialist CV

App H_EMPr _ App 12_CARA Demarcation Permit & Application

App H_EMPr_Hans Moes Kraal

App J1_Impact Rating Methodology

App J2_Impact Risk Rating

App K_Atlas Tower Need and Desirability

App K_Dept Health_Health effects of cellular base stations

App K_POA – Hans Moes Kraal

App L_CV of EAP

App L_CV of EAP2