00 Revised Pre-App Scoping Report_Harmony Dam_July 2019

App 1_Locality Map_Harmony

App 2.1_Prelim Design Drawing_Option 1_Not preferred

App 2.2_Prelim Design Drawing_Option 2_Not preferred

App 2.3_Prelim Design_Option 3_Preferred

App 2.4_Prelim Design Drawing_Option 4_Not preferred

App 3_Site Photographs _ Harmony

App 4.1_Vegetation Map_Harmony Dam

App 4.2_Biodiversity Overlay Map_Harmony

App 4.3_Water Resources Map_Harmony

App 4.4_Crop Census Map_Harmony

App 5.1_Proof of Posters

App 5.2 Proof Notification Letters sent to IAPs_Harmony

App 5.3_Proof notification to neighbours

App 5.4_Proof Advert in newspaper_Harmony

App 5.5_I&AP Register

App 5.6 _Updated Comments and Response Report_Harmony_July 2019

App 5.6.1_20170717 Comment Forbes

App 5.6.2_20170717 Comment M Filippi

App 5.6.3_20170719 Comment Gail Hunter

App 5.6.4_20170721 Comments CapeNature on NOI

App 5.6.5_20170721 Comments AD Frew

App 5.6.6_20170722 Comments Stobie

App 5.6.7_20170726 Comments EET group

App 5.6.8_20170726 Register Klein Cederberg NR

App 5.6.9_20170726 Register P Gray Swartruggens Conservancy

App 5.6.10_20170726 Register V Miros Swartruggens Conservancy

App 5.6.11_20170731 Register TC Erasmus Molenrivier

App 5.6.12_20170731 Register TC Erasmus Sandberg Eiendomme

App 5.6.13_20170731 Register TC Erasmus TSR Boerdery

App 5.6.14_20170801 Comments Bruce Johnson

App 5.6.15_20170802 Comments D Buckley

App 5.6.16_20170802 Register C Sparks

App 5.6.17_20170802 Comment Bruwer

App 5.6.18_20170803 Register FvdMerwe Bronaar

App 5.6.19_20170804 Register Guillaume nel

App 5.6.20_20170822 Comments Michell

App 5.6.21_20171011 DEADP Acknowledgment of NOI Harmony

App Hydrology Map_Sarel Bester Engineers Response_I&APs concern

App 5.6.22_20180926 Email Response on IAPs concern_Sarel Bester Engineers

App 5.6.23_20181001 Comment Guillaume Nel

App 5.6.24_20181002 Comments Volker Miros_Swartruggens Conserv

App 5.6.25_20181003 Comment Paul Gray_Swartruggens Conserv

App 5.6.26_20181003 Comment AR Mitchell_Oudrif Doring River

App 5.6.27_20191009 Commment Bruwer

App 5.6.28_20181025_Comment Alexander Frew_Zeekoegat

App 5.6.29_20181026_Comment & Reponse FP Greef_Shiny Mountain

App 5.6.30_20181105_Comment DWS_Rassie Nieuwoudt

App 5.6.31_20181105 Comment DEADP_Harmony

App 5.6.32_20181106 Comment Cape Nature_Harmony

App correspondence re HWC comments

App correspondence re HWC comments on PIA

App 5.6.33_Comments HWC_Harmony & Toeka

App 5.7_Proof Pre App Scoping_Harmony-Sent out to IAPS

App 6.1 _Proof NOI submitted DEADP

App 6.1.1_DEADP Acknowledgment of NOI Harmony

App 6.2 Pre-App Meeting Register

App 6.3_Proof of submission to Department_PreAppScoping_Harmony

App 7.1_Sarel Bester Prelim Design Report_1618DOV-S2

App 7.2_Sarel Bester WULA Report_1733WULA-W2

App 8.1_Botanical Impact Assessment

App 8.1_Proof of NID to HWC

App 8.2_Fresh Water Report

App 8.3.1_ Heritage Screener

App 8.3.2_Heritage Impact Assessment

App 8.3.4_Rock Art Sites – Behaviour Guide

App 8_Heritage Screener

App 9.1_Impact Risk Rating_Alt A Option 1

App 9.2_Impact Risk Rating_Alt B Option 2

App 9.3_Impact Risk Rating_Alt B Option 3

App 9.4_Impact Risk Rating_Alt A Option 4

App 10_Land Owner Approval

App 11.1_EAP CV

App 11.2_EAP CV2