Cover Letter – Final S24G EIR

Cover page – Final S24G EIR

Appendices front pages_FBAR_The Lair

Appendix A1 – Locality Map

Appendix A2 – Biodiversity Maps

Appendix B – Site Photographs_The Lair

Appendix D1_Botanical Assessment Lair trust 24G 20170614

Appendix D2_Archaeological Screening Report_The Lair_20 Jun 2017

Appendix D3 – Lair Trust Technical Report

Appendix E1a_Advert_Lair Trust

Appendix E1b_Proof of Newspaper Advert_The Lair_02 June 2017

Appendix E2_Initial notification letters_The Lair Trust_22 May 2017

Appendix E3_Comments and Responses

Appendix E3 – Comment and Response Report 1- Draft S24G EIR PPP

Appendix E4a_Authorities Notification

Appendix E4b_I&APs Notification

Appendix E5 – Initial I&APs

Appendix E6a_Poster_The Lair Trust

Appendix E6b_Proof of Poster Placement_The Lair

Appendix F – Impact assessment_The Lair

Appendix G – Environmental Management Programme_The Lair

Appendix H_Details of Environmental Assessment Practitioner and expertise_The Lair

Appendix I1_Specialists Declaration of Interests_Botanical_Peet_SOSA RONA_27 Jun 2017

Appendix I2_Specialists Declaration of Interests_The Lair – ACRM

Appendix J1 – Tesco Certification

Appendix J2 – Global Gap Certification

Appendix J3 – Transfer of water rights

Appendix J4 – SOIL SURVEY (2)


Appendix J6 – NOI to apply for WULA and Temp transfers 08-02-2017

Soil Survey Map_The Lair_2016

The Lair Trust – FBAR – S24G Application_October 2017

Ackow of S24G Application_The Lair Trust_16 May 2017

EAP Declaration Signed_27 Sep 2017

Waybill 17 Jul 2017