00 Cover Page PostApp BAR_Waaboms

00 Post-App BAR_Darling Brug & Wagenboom River Irrigation_May 2019

00 Signed Declarations

App A1 _Property Information

App A1_Locality Map Proposed Development

App A2_Locality of Existing Canal

App B1 _Layout Plan Proposed Development

App B1.1 _Water Structure 1 Alt1_Preferred

App B1.1.1_3D Design_Water Structure Alt1

App B1.1.2_3D Design2_Water Structure Alt1

App B1.2 _Pipeline Route 1 Alt1_Preferred

App B1.2.1_Design Layout_Pipeline Route 1 Alt1_Preferred

App B1.3 _River Crossing Alt1_Preferred

App B1.3.1_Conceptual Design_Steel Piped Bridge_River Crossing

App B2.1_Water Structure 2 Alternative 2 Design Layout

App B2.2.1_Design Layout_Pipeline Route 2 Alt2_Not preferred

App B2.2_Pipeline Route 2 Alt 2_Not preferred

App B2.3_River Crossing Alt2_Not preferred

App C_Site Photos

App D1_Vegetation Map Layout 1

App D2 _CBA ESA Map Layout Alt 1

App D2.1_CBA ESA Map Water Structure 1

App D2.2 CBA ESA Map Pipeline 1 Point A – B

App D2.3 CBA ESA River Crossing Alt1a

App D2.4 CBA ESA Map Pipeline 1 Point B – C

App D2.5 CBA ESA Map Pipeline Stops and Canal Rehab

App E1_HWC Comments 18-04-2018

App E2 _Proof of Water Use Rights for the irrigation boards

App E2.1_Acceptance of WUL Application

App F1 _Updated Comments & Response Report_May 2019

App F1.1_Acknowledgment of NOI DEAP 09-11-2017

App F1.2_Comments DEADP on NOI 10-11-2017

App F1.3.1 Email correspondence re Fish Study_Cape Nature

App F1.3.1_Email correspondence re alien clearing

App F1.3_Comments Cape Nature 22-11-2017

App F1.4_Comments BGCMA 12-12-2017

App F1.5.1_Proof NID submitted to HWC

App F1.5_Comments HWC 18-04-2018

App F1.6_DEADP Acknow PreApp BAR_27-08-2018

App F1.7_Cape Nature Comments _1-09-2018

App F1.8_BGCMA Comments_14-09-2018

App F1.9_DEADP comments Pre-App BAR_25-10-2108

App F2_Maildrop register

App F3_Proof of posters

App F4_Proof notification letters sent to IAP

App F5_Initial I&AP Register

App F6 _Proof of Advert in Standard_Wagenboom

App F7_Proof Pre App BAR sent out for comment

App G1_Botanical Impact Assessment

App G2_Freshwater Technical Report

App G3 _Heritage Screener

App G3.1 _Heritage NID

App G3.1.1_Proof NID submitted to HWC

App G3.1.2_HWC Comments 18-04-2018

App H_Draft EMPr_May 2019


App J1_Methodology Impact Risk Matrix

App J2.1_Impact Risk Asessment

App J2.2_Construction Impact Risk

App J2.3_Rehab Impact Risk

App J2.4_Operations Impact Risk

App K1_Sarel Bester_1724Water-S1 Verslag

App K2_Sarel Bester_1724Pyplyn-S1 Verslag

App L_CV of EAP

App L_CV of EAP2

App M_Land Owner Consent