00Post-App BAR_Driefontein Dam Sept

App A_Locality Map

App A2_Locality Map_22ha Fruit Orchards Pipeline

App B_Site Phan Phase 1

App B_Site Plan Phase 2

App C_Site Photos

App D_Biodiversity Overlay Map

App D_Land use map

App D_Vegetation Map

App D_Water Resources Map

App E1_HWC Comment

App E2_Proof of Existing Water Use

App E3_Dam Classification

App E4 BGCMA confirms WULA Loged

App F1 _ Updated C&RR on Pre-App BAR

App F1 _Comments and repsonse report_Initial PPP

App F1.1_DEADP Acknowledgement of NOI 06-11-2017

App F1.2_DEADP Comments on NOI 16-11-2017

App F1.3_BGCMA Comments 14-12-2017

App F1.4_Cape Nature Comments 22-11-2017

App F1.5.1_Proof NID submitted to HWC

App F1.5_HWC Comment 12-02-2018

App F2.1 Cape Nature comments 2018-08-11

App F2.1.1 Email Correspondence re Cape Natures Comments

App F2.1.1.1 Map of Canals around dam

App F2.2 BGCMA comments confirmation of EWULA 2018-08-13

App F2.3 DEADP Comments Pre-App BAR 2018-08-14

App F2.3.1 Email correspondence re DEADP comments on MMP

App F2.3.1.2 Map Warmbokkeveld Irrigation Canals

App F2_Maildrops

App F3_Proof of posters

App F4 Notification Letters & Proof sent to IAPs

App F5_Initial I&AP Register

App F6_Proof of Advert Witzenberg Herald_Driefontein

App F7_Proof Pre-App BAR sent out for comment

App G1_Botanical Specialist Report_Revised

App G2_Freshwater Technical Report Driefonten Dam Ceres V2.1docx

App G3.1_Heritage Impact Report_Revised

App G3.2_PIA 2018 (002)

App H_EMPr Driefontein Dam

App J1_Methodology Impact Risk Matrix

App J2.1_Impact RIsk Matrix_Alt1_Driefontein Expansion

App J2.2_Impact Risk Matrix_Alt2_Brand se dam expansion

App J2.3_Impact Risk Matrix_NO-GO Alt

App K1_Prelim Design Report_Phase_1 1731DOV-S2

App K2_Prelim Design Report_phase 2_1731DOV-S2(Rev1)

App L_CV of EAP

App L_CV of EAP2