000 Cover Page_Klaarstroom

00 Revised Post App BAR_Aug 2019

00 Signed Declarations

App A_Farm Portions

App A_Locality Maps

App A_Storm Water Management Plan

App B_Desgin Drawings

App B_No-Go Areas Map

App C_Site Photos

App D_Updated Biodiversity Overlay Map

App D_Updated Crop Census Map

App D_Updated Vegetation Map

App D_Updated Water Resources Map

App E1_HWC Comments on NID

App F1.1_BGCMA Comment_27-02-2019

App F1.2_Commet_LJaquet_Prince Albert Mun Ward Councillor_14-03-2019

App F1.3 _ SANRAL Comment_22-03-2019

App F1.3.1.1_Email Correspondence SANRAL

App F1.3.1.2_Email Correspondence SANRAL

App F1.3.1.3_Email Correspondence_PGWS_Evan Burger

App F1.3.1.4_Email Correspondence PGWS_Evan Burger

App F1.3.1_ EAP response to SANRAL comment

App F1.4.1_DEADP Email re no comments on Pre-App BAR

App F1.4_DEADP Acknowlege receipt of BAR_27-03-2019

App F1.5_Comment JKlue Post App BAR_31-03-2019

App F1.6_Comment DEADP_Waste Management15-04-2019

App F1.7_Comment Cape Nature_15-04-2019

App F1.8_DEADP Pollutions & Chemicals Comments PostApp BAR_08-07-2019

App F1.9_DEADP Waste Management Comments PostApp BAR_08-07-2019

App F1.10_DEADP Development Managment Comments PostApp BAR_08-07-2019

App F1.11_EAP Email Query to DEADP Waste & Chemicals & Pollutions

App F1.12_DEADP Waste & Chemicals & Pollutions Response to Query

App F1.13.1.1_Borehole results

App F1.13.1.2_Borehole results

App F1.13.1_Email response to BGCMA re borehole testing

App F1.13.2_Email correspondence to BGCMA

App F1.13_BGCMA Comments PostApp BAR_15-07-2019

App F1_Updated Comments & Response Report_

App F1_Updated Comments & Response Report_Aug 2019

App F2_Maildrops

App F3_Proof of Posters

App F4_Notification Letter sent out to I&APs

App F5_ Updated I&AP List

App F6_Proof of Advert in newspaper

App F7.1.1_DEADP Ackn NOI

App F7.1_Proof of NOI submitted to Department

App F7.2.1_DEADP Ackn Receipt of Pre-App BAR_27-04-2019

App F7.2_Proof PreApp BAR submitted to DEADP

App F7.3.1_DEADP Ackn Receipt of Application_18-06-2019

App F7.3.3_DEADP Ackn Receipt of Post-App BAR_18-06-2019

App F7.3_Proof Application submitted

App F7.4.1_Meeting Register_25-07-2019

App F7.4.2_Proposed sequence of construction activities

App F7.4.3_Locality_Temporary Drying Beds

App F7.4_Meeting Summary Outcome_25-07-2019

App F7.5_DEADP Acknowledge Extension_29-07-2019

App F8.1.1_Proof Pre-App BAR available for comment

App F8.1_Proof Pre-App BAR sent out for comment

App F8.2_Proof Post-App BAR sent out for comment

App F8.2_Proof Post-App BAR sent out for comment_email

App G1_Freshwater report conform to NEMA App 6

App G1_Revised Freshwater Report

App G2_Revised Botanical Impact Report

App G3.1_Heritage Screener_CTS Heritage

App G3.2_Heritage NID

App H_Draft EMPr_Klaarstroom WWTP

App H2_EMPr Appendix 17_Impact Objective Table

App H2_Operational and Maintenance Manual

App J1_Impact Rating Methodology

App J2_Impact Risk Matrix

App K_BVI_Technical Report for Klaarstroom Oxidation Ponds Rev2

App L_CV of EAP

App L_CV of EAP2