For Public Participation

Transparency in information sharing is key to empowering the public and informing regulating authorities, so that the principles of sustainable development can be upheld. The projects listed here provide that platform, in line with legislative requirements.  Input via written comments and/or queries, are welcome.

Housing Development - Kathu Sims - Final EIR

Cover page and Executive summary – Final EIR

Final EIR – Kathu Sims

Appendix 1A – Acknowledgement of Receipt

Appendix 1B – Acceptance of the Scoping Report

Appendix 1C – Dept of Roads and Public Works letter

Appendix 2A – Alternative 1 layout

Appendix 2B – Alternative 2 layout

Appendix 2C – Alternative 3 layout

Appendix 2D – Preferred Layout

Appendix 3A – Interested and Affected Party list

Appendix 3B – Newspaper advert

Appendix 3C – Proof of email notification – DSR

Appendix 3C – Proof of notification letters

Appendix 3C – Proof of notifications – DSR

Appendix 3C – Proof of notifications – FSR

Appendix 3C – SAHRIS submission proof

Appendix 3D – Proof of posters and letter drops

Appendix 3E – Comment – SANRAL

Appendix 3E – Comment and Response Report – Draft SR

Appendix 3E – Comment and Response Report – Draft EIR

Appendix 3E – Comment and Response Report

Appendix 3E – Comments on Draft SR – Werksmans

Appendix 3E – Comments on Draft SR – DENC

Appendix 3E – Comments on Draft SR – DAFF

Appendix 3E – Comments on Final SR – DAFF

Appendix 3E – Comments on FInal SR – Werksmans

Appendix 4A – Preliminary Bulk Services and Infrastructure Status Report

Appendix 4B – Electrical Engineering Services ReportSims 462-1

Appendix 4C – Proof of service provider (Gamagara Municipality)

Appendix 5 – Kathu Spatial Development Framework

Appendix 6A – Botanical Impact Assessment

Appendix 6B – Heritage Impact Assessment

Appendix 6C – Palaeontological Report

Appendix 6D – Socio-economic Impact Assessment

Appendix 6E – Geo-technical Report

Appendix 6F – Traffic Impact Assessment

Appendix 7 – Impact Assessment, Significance and Mitigation Measures Summary

Appendix 8 – Environmental Management Programme

Hut Dam

00 EIR Sangasdrift Trust June 2018

App 1 Location Map

App 2.1 Layout plans and design drawings

App 2.2 Layout Plans for proposed 55ha BEE orchards

App 3 Sensitivity map

App 4 Site Photographs

App 5.1.1 Proof of Posters Hut dam

App 5.1.2 Maildrop

App 5.1.3 Initial Notification Letters

App 5.1.4 Proof advert in local newspaper

App 5.1.5 I&AP List

App 5.1.5 I&APs register with stamp showing letters were sent to IAPs

App 5.1.6 CR report

App Comments & Response LBRCT

App Comments on NOI DEADP

App HWC Response to NID

App Consent from land owner Rem Extent Farm 234

App 5.2.1 I&AP List Updated

App 5.2.2 Proof Post-App Scoping sent to I&APs for comment

App 5.2.3 Updated C&RR

App Comments ODM 2017-10-24

App Comments BGCMA 2017-10-24

App DEADP comments Draft Scoping for comment 2017-1026

App Comments Cape Nature 2017-10-30

App 5.3 Updated C&RR_Hut dam Feb 2018

App 5.3.1 Email correspondence re Hydrology 02-11-2017

App HydroReport

App 5.3.2 Email corresp Sarel Bester re desgin inputs 02-11-2017

App 5.3.3 Email correspondence Freshwater Specialist re Cape Natures comments 03-11-2017

App 5.3.4 DEADP Acceptance of Final Scoping report and comments 08-01-2018

App 5.3.5 Email_Dr Du Preez re water extraction in Eksteenskloof

App Email proof Dr Du Preeze recommendations sent to Engineers 22-01-2018

App 5.3.6 Email Sarel Bester re Off stream dam alternative 23-01-2018

App 5.3.7 Email correspondence DEADP re One Environmental System 25-01-2018

App 5.4 Updated C&RR_Hut dam March 2018

App 5.4.1 Proof EIR for comment sent out to I&APS App

5.4.2 Comments Swellendam Municipality 26-02-2018

App Proof recommendations from Swellendam Municipality sent to engineers

App 5.4.2 Comments Swellendam Municipality 26-02-2018

App 5.4.3 DEADP comments on Draft EIR 13-03-2018

App 5.4.4 BGCMA comments Draft EIR 15-03-2018

App 5.4.5 Cape Nature Comments on Draft EIR 22-03-2018

App Email correspondence Sarel Bester Ing re Cape Natures comments on dam alternatives

App Email correspondence Freshwater Specialist re SASS Assessment

App Photographs from Freshwater Specialist Regarding Cape Nature comments on SASS assessment

App Email correspondence with Fish Specialist re Cape Natures Recommendation

App Email correspondence with BGCMA re Cape Natures comment on Ecological reserve, designs, hydrology

App Sarel Bester Ingenieurs Letter regarding final design to ensure ecological reserve remains

App Hydrology report summary

App Email correspondence with Engineers re Cape Nature Recommendations

App 6.1 Proof NOI submitted to DEADP

App 6.1.1 DEADP Acknowledgement of receipt of NOI

App 6.2 Proof Application and Scoping submitted to DEADP for comment

App 6.2.1 DEADP Acknowledge receipt of Application and Draft Scoping

App 6.3 Proof Final Scoping for decision sumbitted to DEADP

App 6.3.1 DEADP Acknowlegdement receipt of Final Scoping for decision

App 6.3.2 DEADP Acceptance of Final Scoping report

App 6.4 Proof Draft EIR Feb 2018 submitted to DEADP

App 6.4.1 DEADP Acknowledgement of receipt of Draft EIR for comment

App 6.5 50 Extension Request

App 6.5.1 DEADP granting of 50 days extension

App 7.1 CTS Heritage Screener

App 7.1.1 Heritage NID by CTS Heritage

App 7.1.2 Proof NID submitted to HWC

App 7.1.3 HWC comments on NID

App 7.2 EnviroSwift Freshwater Assessment _Sangasdrift (Pty) Ltd 05_06_2017

App 7.2.1 Freshwater assessment EnviroSwift

App 7.3 Botanical Assesment – Hut Dam, Overberg, Western Cape

App 7.3.1 Email correspondence_Comment from Botanist on Weir Site

App 7.3.2 Botanical Statement_Weir Site

App 7.4 Freshwater Fish Survey Bruce Paxton

App 8.1 Impact Assessment Significance Methodology

App 8.2 Impact Rating Signifigance

App 9.1 WULA Application

App 9.2 Prelim Design Report and Dam Safety Application

App 9.3 Method statement Dam

App 9.4 Method statement Weir

App 10 CV of EAP

App 10 CV of EAP2

App 11 EMPr April 2018

App 12 MMP June 2018

App A Location Map

App B Layout plans and design drawings

App C Sensitivity maps

App D Site Photographs

App E1 MS01 Alien invasive Plant Eradication

App E2 MS02 Hydrology management during construction maintenance

App E3 MS03 Mitigate disturbance of habitat and compaction of soil due to construction maintenance

App E4 MS04 Runoff erosion and sedimentation control during construction maintenance

App E5 MS05 Sedimentation debris nuisance vegetation control at discharge points

E6 Construction Method statement Dam_Sarel Bester

App E7 Construction Method statement Weir_Sarel Bester

App F MMP Signed Declaration

App13 Signed Declarations



La Motte Integrated Housing Development

Revised Draft BAR – La Motte Integrated Housing Development

Appendix A – Locality Map

Appendix B1 – Alternative 1 layout

Appendix B2 – Alternative 2 layout

Appendix B3 – Alternative 3 layout

Appendix B4 – Alternative 4 layout

Appendix B5 – Alternative 5 layout

Appendix B6 – Preferred Alternative layout – topographical map

Appendix B6 – Preferred alternative layout

Appendix C – Site overview photos

Appendix D – Biodiversity Overlay

Appendix E1 – HWC interim comment – March 2013

Appendix E1 – HWC Interim Comment – Sept 2016

Appendix E2 – Response to Heritage Western Cape – CK Rumboll

Appendix E2 – Response to HWC – Stellenbosch Municipality

Appendix F1 – I&AP list – La Motte

Appendix F1 – La Motte – I&AP list updated

Appendix F2 – Proof of Draft BAR notifications

Appendix F2 – Proof of initial notifications

Appendix F3 – Proof of initial newspaper advert

Appendix F4 – Letter drop and poster register

Appendix F4 – Proof of posters and letter drops

Appendix F5 – Comment and Response Report – Initial comments

Appendix F5 – Comments and Response Report – Initial comments received

Appendix F6 – Comment and Response Report – Draft BAR

Appendix G1 – Planning Motivation Report

Appendix G2 – Socio-economic Impact Assessment

Appendix G3 – Freshwater Impact Assessment – Rev

Appendix G3 – Freshwater Impact Assessment

Appendix G4 – Botanical Assessment

Appendix G5 – Heritage Impact Assessment

Appendix G6 – Traffic Impact Study

Appendix G7 – Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix G8 – Urban Design Framework

Appendix G9 – Services Report

Appendix G10 – Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix H – Environmental Management Programme

Appendix J1 – Affordable Housing Report

Appendix J2 – GLS Report – Figure 1

Appendix J2 – GLS Report – Figure 2

Appendix J2 – GLS Report

Appendix J3 – Road and Stormwater Key Plan

Appendix J3 – Road and Stormwater Plan – PART 1

Appendix J3 – Road and Stormwater Plan – PART 2

Appendix J3 – Road and Stormwater Plan – PART 3

Appendix J4 – Subsidised housing typologies

Appendix J5 – Contour map

Vineyard - The Lair

Cover Letter – Final S24G EIR

Cover page – Final S24G EIR

Appendices front pages_FBAR_The Lair

Appendix A1 – Locality Map

Appendix A2 – Biodiversity Maps

Appendix B – Site Photographs_The Lair

Appendix D1_Botanical Assessment Lair trust 24G 20170614

Appendix D2_Archaeological Screening Report_The Lair_20 Jun 2017

Appendix D3 – Lair Trust Technical Report

Appendix E1a_Advert_Lair Trust

Appendix E1b_Proof of Newspaper Advert_The Lair_02 June 2017

Appendix E2_Initial notification letters_The Lair Trust_22 May 2017

Appendix E3_Comments and Responses

Appendix E3 – Comment and Response Report 1- Draft S24G EIR PPP

Appendix E4a_Authorities Notification

Appendix E4b_I&APs Notification

Appendix E5 – Initial I&APs

Appendix E6a_Poster_The Lair Trust

Appendix E6b_Proof of Poster Placement_The Lair

Appendix F – Impact assessment_The Lair

Appendix G – Environmental Management Programme_The Lair

Appendix H_Details of Environmental Assessment Practitioner and expertise_The Lair

Appendix I1_Specialists Declaration of Interests_Botanical_Peet_SOSA RONA_27 Jun 2017

Appendix I2_Specialists Declaration of Interests_The Lair – ACRM

Appendix J1 – Tesco Certification

Appendix J2 – Global Gap Certification

Appendix J3 – Transfer of water rights

Appendix J4 – SOIL SURVEY (2)


Appendix J6 – NOI to apply for WULA and Temp transfers 08-02-2017

Soil Survey Map_The Lair_2016

The Lair Trust – FBAR – S24G Application_October 2017

Ackow of S24G Application_The Lair Trust_16 May 2017

EAP Declaration Signed_27 Sep 2017

Waybill 17 Jul 2017


Wagenbooms & Darling Brug Irrigation Boards

00Pre-App BAR_Wagenbooms & Darling Brug Irrigation Boards

App A1_Locality Map Proposed Development

App A1_Property Information

App A2_Locality of Existing Canal

App B1 _Layout Plan Proposed Development

App B1.1_Water Structure 1 Alt1_Preferred

App B1.2 _Pipeline Route 1 Alt1_Preferred

App B1.2.1_Design Layout_Pipeline Route 1 Alt1_Preferred

App B1.3_River Crossing Alt1_Preferred

App B2.1_Water Structure 2 Alternative 2 Design Layout

App B2.2.1_Design Layout_Pipeline Route 2 Alt2_Not preferred

App B2.2_Pipeline Route 2 Alt 2_Not preferred

App B2.3_River Crossing Alt2_Not preferred

App D1_Vegetation Map Layout 1

App D2 _CBA ESA Map Layout Alt 1

App D2.1_CBA ESA Map Water Structure 1

App D2.2 CBA ESA Map Pipeline 1 Point A – B

App D2.3 CBA ESA River Crossing Alt1a

App D2.4 CBA ESA Map Pipeline 1 Point B – C

App D2.5 CBA ESA Map Pipeline Stops and Canal Rehab

App E1_HWC Comments 18-04-2018

App E2_Proof of Water Use Rights for the irrigation boards

App F1 _C&RR August 2018

App F1.1_Acknowledgment of NOI DEAP 09-11-2017

App F1.2_Comments DEADP on NOI 10-11-2017

App F1.3.1 Email correspondence re Fish Study_Cape Nature

App F1.3_Comments Cape Nature 22-11-2017

App F1.4_Comments BGCMA 12-12-2017

App F1.5.1_Proof NID submitted to HWC

App F1.5_Comments HWC 18-04-2018 App F2_Maildrop register

App F3_Proof of posters

App F4_Proof notification letters sent to IAP

App F5_Initial I&AP Register

App F6 _Proof of Advert in Standard_Wagenboom

App G1_Botanical Impact Assessment

App G2_Freshwater Technical Report

App G3.1 _Heritage NID

App G3.1.1_Proof NID submitted to HWC

App G3.1.2_HWC Comments 18-04-2018

App G3_Heritage Screener App H Draft EMPr Waaboomsrivier&Darling brug Irrigation

App J1_Methodology Impact Risk Matrix

App J2.1_Water Structure 1 Alt 1_Impact Risk Asessment

App J2.2_Construction Impact Risk

App J2.3_Rehab Impact Risk

App J2.4_Operations Impact Risk

App K1_Sarel Bester_1724Water-S1 Verslag

App K2_Sarel Bester_1724Pyplyn-S1 Verslag

App L_CV of EAP

App L_CV of EAP2

App M_Email correspondence re alien clearing